Do you have a Bengal cat and want to keep it on a leash? In this article, we will explain which is the best harness to buy, the best you can choose for the maximum comfort of your feline friend! Choose escape proof cat harness.

The Bengal cats are famous for being the little adventurers. So full of energy and curiosity, they are always ready to play, climb, and explore. That is why as a parent of a Bengal cat, it is important that you provide it with a means to release all of its energy. One of the best ways to do this is to take them for a walk outdoors. This will not only satisfy their need to play and climb, but it will also allow them to explore and experience new environments.

To do this, you will first need to find the right harness for your Bengal cat. Keep in mind his personality and how you think he might behave on a walk. Aside from that, it is also important to consider the fit, safety and quality of the harness.

What to look for in a cat harness

When choosing a harness for your Bengal, you should get one that fits him well and will keep him safe. It should be comfortable enough for him to move around with ease, but also safe enough that he won’t be able to break free and escape on his own. 

Never use a collar and leash to walk with a Bengal as it can be very dangerous for them. Unlike dogs, cats have delicate throats and can easily choke if walked with a leash and collar.

There are two main types of harnesses: the leads, consisting of connecting straps attached to the leash, and the vest (also known as a holster), which fits the cat’s chest and torso.

A leash attaches to the back of the harness, which can be short while your friend is getting used to the harness, or longer when he is comfortable and ready to explore.

Sometimes the straps are easy for cats to slide on, so if you are considering purchasing this type of harness it will be best to try it out at home first to see if it is secure enough to keep your Bengal cat tied up. Also, make sure you choose the H-shaped one because, unlike the 8-harness, it puts pressure on your chest instead of your neck. 

The vests on the other hand offer more safety for Bengal. They wrap around their body, distributing the harness pressure better than the straps. This is the best choice for those felines who are really good at sneaking out of harnesses.

The vests available include those with velcro closure and those with snap buttons. However, some cats tend not to like the sound of velcro and this makes them difficult to wear. If this is the case with your Bengal cat, then you better get the one with snaps.

Choose a harness that:

  • It will not suffocate your Bengal
  • It will allow the cat to move comfortably
  • Bengal will not be able to escape
  • It is of high quality and durable material

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