Cat logic

Cat Story

The expression “female logic” is known to everyone. But there is something even more irrational – cat logic! Even Charles Darwin suggested that the principles of the human brain and the brain of higher animals are approximately the same. That is, is it common for a cat, like a human, to think logically? Let’s figure it out!

You bought your favorite cool and fashionable cat device. And here is the result 🙂

Which is better: a special lounger for a cat or a simple trash scoop? For you, the answer is obvious, but … the cat thinks differently!

A claw claw is a device so that a cat can sharpen its claws. Well, you think so!

Boxes are feline “everything.” Even if she has a whole complex, which, incidentally, cost the owner a … tidy sum!

Kitty is so comfortable, do not hesitate 🙂

Everyone knows that cats like to drink water, which flows from the tap in a thin stream. Smart people invented a special drinking device. As you can see, they still prefer faucets :))

Do you think that you bought a cat lounger? And she thinks this is a blanket!

And again about the boxes 🙂

That’s what cat logic is.

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