History with geography


Mermaid – born hunters, on the fly-catching everything that moves. Do not be surprised at the strangled mice that they brought to your pillow: you won’t praise yourself – you’ve gone all day! 🙂 Without a start, they can take a height of about 1.5 meters. By the way, they like height altogether: they like to move around on their master’s shoulder, to climb to the upper shelves of cabinets. When you see how easily your pet climbs cornices, clothesline, doorposts in an apartment, you involuntarily start to believe that the ancestors of these cats traveled the seas centuries ago on merchant ships, guarding expensive goods against hordes of mice and rats. And the fact that they are familiar with sails, ropes, masts and yards – well, just a “history with geography”! The ship’s past is also confirmed by the great love of crayons for water: they are not at all afraid of it. On the contrary, they play with her, they like to stoke their toys in water, “Row” paws water before drinking. It is flowing water that they like to drink – especially where you go to the watering hole yourself.

Russian non-Russian acquaintance Stranger

To be with her beloved master is a great happiness for her. Good health, peaceful nature, lack of aggressiveness, explosive temperament, amazing quick wit and developed communicative qualities of the representatives of the breed, ease of care for short hair – all this makes the Russian Blue ideal pets and companions. With proper nutrition, understanding and mutual love with the owners, the cat will happily live for many, many years.

But our breed is enchanted. It is impossible to understand it right away, on the fly: not only its delicate nature and ideal for the pet nature and features of care, but even its external beauty you will not notice the first time! Perhaps that is why, despite the long selection, worldwide fame and popularity, only a few breeders sincerely in love with the breed are seriously engaged in Russian blue in Russia.

The spell of grayness and routine is dispelled only in bright light. Naturally desirable. Only under such lighting, the simple Cinderella turns into royal blue blood. That is why Russian blue so rarely becomes winners of all kinds of major exhibitions: there is very little light! Those who want to understand the Russian blue cat and appreciate it, need a little closer acquaintance with the breed. Just be prepared for the fact that after this other breeds simply cease to exist for you – it is checked! Old Russian breeders with experience can confirm: once having chosen these cats, people will definitely come back for them. Even twenty years later.

Choosing Russian Blue, you vote for naturalness and good health. You choose a person. Charming, delicate and understanding friend. You obviously have a delicate taste if you choose this rare and unique breed of cats.

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