Like snowflakes in the sun


The coat of Russian blue is unique: soft texture, soft, short, dense, it is springy when pressed and does not fit to the body. How nice to pet such a cat! The outer hair is not palpable; it is as soft as the undercoat itself. The undercoat is so developed that no skin is visible behind it. Such wool is called double: the undercoat and the back hair are of the same length, it is rather difficult to distinguish one from the other, but it is easy to remove such wool. The color of the Russian blue cat is also unique – yes, of course, it is called blue. Even, clean, without any inclusions, stripes and “waves”, color is appreciated. But the tops of the outer hair have no pigment, they are transparent. When moving, the fur of the cocks (as they are called, lovingly called) flickers and shimmers, as if someone had scattered silver powder on a blue background. The colorless ends of hair in the light flare up with silver, like snowflakes sparkling in the sun! This is the brand name of the breed – the so-called silver tipping. There are no more breeds in the world with such amazing hair…

Royal person

If you believe the legend that the cat came from the love of a monkey and a lioness, then the Russian Blue inherited ingenuity, dexterity, and intelligence, and from the mother – the nobility of manners and aristocracy. As a true royal person, she calmly endures vanity and noise, although she does not like it. Publicity and familiarity often do not like these cats. They treat strangers incredulously, which can be regarded as shyness. Russian blue will not fall for the first comer. She will begin to trust a person only after she carefully studies it and recognizes it as her own.

This cat with self-esteem, laconic, understands everything and speaks without words. A cat with a fine mental organization: she will not be intrusive, she always knows what is possible and what is not. Surprisingly, this creature has a quality that is rarely found in people – the ability to subtly feel the mood of a person. She is always there, in the midst of family events, but she does not scurry under her feet. Another unusual quality: Russian blue does not like conflicts, moreover, he tries to settle them. She is superbly trained, has a good memory and sense of proportion. Russian blue cats are neat, tidy, smart, delicate, human-oriented. They understand speech very well. Many breeds are ahead of the speed of solving cat puzzles, but at the same time, they think first and only then act. Friendly to other pets

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