“Meow” instead of “Bitter!”

Cat Story

The news, which was accepted with a smile by motorists around the world: on May 17 in California, USA, a real “cat wedding” took place. True, the bride and groom were not mustachioed, striped, but people, but 1000 cats and cats became guests of this unusual celebration!

Dominic Husson and Lousie Veronneau hail from Quebec, Canada, but decided to marry in the United States. The thing is that Dominic and Lusie are big animal lovers, and they are delighted with the activity of the animal rescue team, which founded The Cat House, a cat shelter. In particular, they admire the fact that cats do not live here in cages or special rooms, but walk freely around the territory of the shelter.

The newlyweds even persuaded the founder of the nursery, Lynea Lattanzio, to receive priesthood so that she could marry them. Instead of gifts, the newly made Mr. and Mrs. Usson asked relatives and friends to make donations to The Cat House.

The story of an extravagant wedding is widely debated throughout the world. The famous agency The Daily Telegraph even spoke about it.

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