Nurse cat nurses animals in a veterinary clinic

Cat Story

Thousands of pages are written about the fact that cats are particularly independent. There are even phrases that everyone knows and nobody tries to dispute – for example, the famous expression about a cat that always walks on its own. However, this independence and ultimate independence have nothing to do with egoism and selfishness. Cats, as a rule, are kind, merciful and extremely sensitive to other people’s misfortune.

A great example of this statement is the black cat Radamenes from the Polish city of Bydgoszcz, who lives in a local veterinary clinic. And not just living, but … working!

However, initially, Radamenes appeared in this clinic as a patient. He was brought to the veterinarians with a complicated respiratory tract infection, and the cat was so bad that they were just going to put him to sleep. How he melted the hearts of doctors – with his courageous and patient behavior or endlessly touching purrs – now no longer matters. The fact remains: it was decided to abandon the euthanasia.

Moreover, doctors fought hard for his life. And the cat did not disappoint its saviors – it survived! Perhaps Radamenez did not leave anywhere out of gratitude, he remained in the clinic, and today he is a full member of the veterinary collective.

Obviously, having experienced such a close encounter with death, the cat realized what it was. And … decided to devote his life to other sick animals! Now he carefully takes care of animals that have just undergone heavy operations and are moving away from anesthesia, as well as all other sick brothers.

It does not matter for him who to support – other cats or, for example, dogs. For each beast, Radamenez has a warm look and gentle purring. He simply comes to the sick in order to hug and stroke them.

Thus, Radamenez became, in fact, a real nurse in a veterinary clinic! All staff considers him, without exaggeration, his colleague. And also – the clinic’s mascot, which brings comfort and hopes for recovery to sick animals.

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