Smile Your cat understands everything …

Cat Story

Cats behave differently depending on how their owners show their mood – that is, our whiskered-striped ones are well aware of whether we are smiling or, conversely, frowning. This conclusion was made by Moriah Galvan and Jennifer Wonk from the University of Auckland in Rochester, Michigan, USA, having studied the behavior of 12 cats and their owners.

When people smiled, cats purred, rubbed at their feet, climbed to their knees … And vice versa: as soon as a man frowned, his cat lost interest in him or even hid with a frightened expression on its face. And so it was with all twelve “union” cat-man. But if the cats were in the company of strangers, their behavior did not depend on the human mood. Or, in a scientific style, they showed the same amount of positive behavior, regardless of whether a person smiled or frowned.

From all this, scientists made two conclusions. Firstly, cats are well versed in the expressions of our faces and are able to adapt their behavior to changes in our moods. Secondly, it is given to our favorites not from somewhere “from heaven”: cats learn to recognize our facial expressions for a long time – in the process of living with us.

One way or another, it turned out that cats are not at all indifferent creatures! However, you and I knew about this before, right ?;)

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